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Classkick founder Andrew, affectionately known as “Mr. Roro” by his high school students in Chicago, once dedicated his days and nights to enhancing student curiosity and achievement. His journey from passionate teacher to innovator began with a realization: existing online grading and education technologies were more hindrance than help, failing to save teachers' time or improve student growth. Students and teachers deserved more.

Leveraging technical expertise from roles at Google and YouTube, Andrew made Classkick—a tool to increase classroom learning by offering more opportunities for student practice and immediate feedback. Rooted in research-backed pedagogy and domain specific design, Classkick is created by and for teachers to dramatically boost student outcomes.

Classkick essentially produces: more tries for kids everyday. Research shows more practice and quicker feedback loops are the top driver of educational success.

Classkick’s work and mission extends beyond tech; we visit classrooms regularly to understand the needs of teachers and students firsthand and refine our educational tools to be the best. Classkick is more than a platform; it's a commitment to making every student's educational journey fulfilling and successful.

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