Why the discount?

Why is the Pro Discount So Large?

...to take pressure off you, so you can teach!!

You deserve the benefits of Pro, without the hassle and pressure to push it on all staff members right away. We believe adoption should be organic. It should be determined by those closest to students and learning: the educators! Teacher choice is the right way to vet products, and choose ones that create lasting improvements for student growth and development. Most of our team is made up of educators. When it comes to product purchases, we know how one of these first two scenarios tend to happen...




Let’s Avoid…

Scenario 2

- Teacher loves a product and advocates for it. School Leader trusts them, buys it for the school at a high price. This time, the Teacher Advocate is on the hook, and same result as Scenario 1 happens! Teacher Advocate is defeated and doesn’t push for new products in the future. Teacher Advocate’s students might benefit, but other classrooms do not.  :(

Scenario 1

- School Leader decides to buy a product top down. It costs a pretty penny, so they feel pressured to tell everyone they must use it. Even with the dictate from leadership, not many teachers end up using it. After one year, the investment in the product doesn’t seem worth it, nor have students substantively benefitted.  :(

Is there a better way? Yes!

Scenario 3

- Teacher advocates for a product they know and love. School Leader purchases on a low-cost, low-commitment basis; no pressure to force it on all teachers. Love for the product grows organically, since even at the low cost, any new teacher can try it out. It has ready-to-use PD resources throughout the year to help share it with colleagues. Students benefit because the teachers had the freedom to choose when/how to start using the product, to drive their own student learning goals. :) :) :) 




Common Questions

1. Is there any teacher or student limit?

Nope, it is unlimited for everyone within the school. We want your Pro Membership to grow with you, not hold you back. 


2. Does the price keep going up every year?

Nope, the ceiling price is as it's stated in your quote. In year 2, schools typically pay between $699 and $1499. It depends on their particular situation, and on whether they apply for our financial aid opportunities.


3. How can Classkick afford costs at such a low price point? 

We are a very lean team with a focus on observing and building for teachers and students. We do not have a sales team, because we believe that pragmatically it makes more sense to pour resources into product, and philosophically the absence of a sales team puts the right kind of pressure on us to build and improve great product, which in the end benefits student learning.