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Welcome to Classkick Tutorials

Some quick tutorials on how to use Classkick


Quick How-Tos

Short how-to videos for different features in Classkick


Share an assignment on Classkick

Add a worksheet or image on Classkick

Straight Line Tool

Autograding with Multiple Choice

Add a link or video

Use the highlighter tool!

Autograding with Fill in the Blank!

Take your assignments to the next level with manipulatives, images that are interactive for students!

Select to move or easily drag and drop to make sure every assignment stays nice and tidy.

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Classkick in the Classroom

Examples of how teachers and students are using Classkick each day


Use Classkick in Centers!

Providing feedback in HS Chemistry

Building a Collaborative Classroom Environment

Guided Practice in 3rd Grade Math

Providing Feedback to Many Students

Differentiation for 1st Grades



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