Using Color Coding in Classkick

Using Color Coding in Classkick

See some tips for using colors in Classkick!



Today, my quick tip for you is how to use colors in Classkick. 

Hi, Classkick Teachers! My name is Heather Johnson and I am a 3rd grade teacher in Wisconsin. 

One problem I was having was: kids would use ALL the colors that Classkick offers... and sometimes they spent more time picking a color then doing their actual assignment. So, to kinda combat this, I created Color Requirements. 

For example, I used red for giving feedback. I know, "classic teacher color," but, it works. 

Blue, for my classroom coaches, so they could give feedback to their classmates. You could pick another color, like purple or green. That's totally up to you. 

And then the students would do their assignments in black. You can choose whatever you want, whatever color scheme you want. And even sometimes I deviate from this a little bit in my instructions. But, it's worked really well for keeping consistency and I can go back and see what students are writing like my classroom coaches are writing. 

So I hope this helps you out. Happy Classkicking!