Using Classkick in Centers

Using Classkick in Centers

See Classkick in action in this centers-based classroom!



Classkick is a great tool for managing centers. My name's Lupe and here's how I do centers with Classkick on iPads. 

I set up four stations that use Classkick. A listening center where students listen to audio books, word work, where students work on iPads to create word sorts, reader's response, where they create letters and T-charts on iPads, and a small group, where students work on their iPads with me. 

Once centers starts, I work with my small group on review questions. Using Classkick, I can also easily monitor a student working on reader's response, or any other center. I can see exactly what they are doing and give them feedback from across the room. 

So instead of working just with my small group of students, Classkick lets me be in four centers at the same time. All from my iPad. 

Thanks for watching my class use Classkick in centers.