Job Description - Part Time TE Content Writer


Are you an awesome teacher, teacher-coach or previous teacher who has demonstrated results with students? Are you excited about using technology to support teachers’ effectiveness? Cool! Join our team.


Company and Role

At Classkick, our mission is simple: we want to create a tool that helps teachers teach and learners learn to increase learning outcomes for all. Join us to help teachers to be more effective and efficient at their jobs.

As the Teacher Effectiveness Content Writer, you’ll build our content availability and exposure. You will create or improve real content to show teachers new ways to meet their specific class or school goals. This may include social media posts, thought leadership blogs, but most importantly, constantly publishing high quality example assignments.

Who you are

An awesome current teacher, teacher-coach or previous teacher who has demonstrated results with students. You are excited about the idea of using technology to support a teacher’s effectiveness. You understand that technology cannot replace a teacher, but rather allow a teacher to continue their best practices in a more efficient and effective way. You are up-to-date on current best practices in education and can articulate the strategies you use in your practice. You want to use your talents at scale and help circulate awesome teaching to help other educators grow.


  • Create assignments in Classkick that will be posted in our Assignment Library.

  • Write blogs on topics like what makes a lesson or activity good (rigorous, results oriented, student centered, etc.) and what doesn’t.

  • Grab other teacher’s lessons on Classkick from around the world, with their permission, and feature them.

  • Collaborate with other Classkick team members.


  • Two Assignments published per week.

    • This can include exit tickets, bell ringers, formal assessments, or entire lessons.

  • One Blog per week.


  • Start at a competitive rate.

  • Awesome coworkers!

  • Flexibility in hours (starting at 8-10/week).

  • Mission-driven company.

  • Opportunity to build your own experience and brand as a thought leader.

  • We hope this serves as an opportunity for you to expand your work experiences and continue having an impact on teaching and learning, while also getting a glimpse into working at Classkick.


Join us!

If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and an intro (less than 250 words) about yourself and why you are interested in this role to

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis until Wednesday, November 21st