Student Learning Goals

Student Learning Goals

See how teachers can help students set goals in Classkick!



To help students set goals, teachers can create goal-setting assignments in Classkick. 

After students reflect at the beginning of the year... students can self-evaluate their progress by revisiting this assignment. Teachers and peers can provide feedback, as well. 

Within each assignment, students can also set personal goals... that they, and their teachers assess, monitor, and reflect on progress made. 

In this assignment, out of 10 points, this student has created a goal of 8 points. She can track her progress across the assignment... while her teacher is also tracking all students' progress... and providing real-time feedback. Midway through the assignment, her teacher has asked her to reflect on her learning so far. At the end of the assignment, she is provided with the link to revisit her classroom goals. 

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