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Creating Excitement and Massive Engagement


I use Classkick in my classroom as a major engagement tool. If I offer to give my students a paper pencil assignment they are bored with it and don't seem to always put forth the best effort. If I tell students the assignment is on Classkick they are SO excited and their engagement goes up by 1,000%. I also really enjoying using Classkick because it saves MANY trees and saves me time.

I have recently been using our "Classkickin' Word Work" in my guided reading rotations and they're LOVING it. I made 5 copies of each of the word work pages so that students can do up to 5 weeks at a time before we share it with parents or put it on SeeSaw.  I created an icon on my website for each of the word work tasks and linked each page to the icon. Students simply have to click on the icon they'd like to work on for that rotation and sign in, and then they're ready to go. Classkick is a time saver and students LOVE IT! They really enjoy having all the font and pen color choices when they are doing "reds and blues" and "fancy schmancy" words.



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My name is Sarah Mancusi and I am from Jonesboro, Arkansas. I currently live in Springfield, Missouri and teach in Nixa, Missouri (Home of "the" Jason Bourne). I graduated with both my undergrad and graduate degrees from Drury University.  My Masters degree is in Special Reading, but I currently teach second grade. I am currently in my tenth year of teaching (5 years at my current position). This year my daughter started kindergarten and I think we are both still adjusting. I'd be happy to accept advice about what you do with your kiddos before and after school!