Our team is an experimental lab at heart. We always test what we think we know against what reality can tell us. We are hiring a sales position to help run yet another test.


  • Participate in a 1-2 month trial where you get to be responsible for new direct sales in the US and Canadian market, targeting K12. Potential to grow into full-time role.

  • Build and rigorously test a channel partnerships strategy.

  • Learn our current non-human, customer self-serve (automated) school sales channel and devise way(s) to outperform it using your own model. Your goal is to "beat the house", that is, to outperform our self-serve sales channel.

  • Use your knowledge of education institutions and decision making to foster great client relationships.

  • Leverage both our in-bound pool of warm leads, and any other lead channel you choose, to drive sales.

  • Ultimately, you will test the hypothesis that direct sales are a better revenue pipeline than school self-serve sales.




To ensure we fulfill our mission and continue to deliver an insanely great user experience to our students, educators, and other stakeholders, we need team members who:

  • Are hungry for responsibility and knowledge.

  • Arrive with a scientific and experimental mindset, always seeking truth over assumption.

  • Have a demonstrated interest in making a major impact in education and student learning.

  • As a bonus, have experience in teaching or education.


Join us!  Send your resume, LinkedIn, GitHub, or portfolio to: