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Effective Student Feedback, Done in Minutes

One reason I use Classkick is that it allows me to organize and quickly give feedback to every single student. Before Classkick, I had to bring home a stack of papers and my students would not be able to see timely and relevant results. Now, they all have a personally relevant and short feedback loop, which has a significant impact on their learning. As a bonus, I accomplish it all in less time than before, and really get my weekends back!

Here is how I do it

  1. I plan my lessons strategically. For instance, I put very few problems per slide and decide ahead of time which ones will have a point grade.

  2. After I do a few examples with the class on the first couple of slides, students get to work on practice problems at their own pace.

  3. Step 1 allows me to grade vertically, meaning I flip through every kid on question 1, then loop back and grade everyone on question 2. (I recently learned you can anonymize names while grading, to reduce grading bias).

  4. I use my iPad to grade vertically, as it’s very fast. However, on the web app, you can also use the arrow keys ↑ ↓ and “g” to quickly grade vertically as well.

  5. I can do this from anywhere: my desk, the couch, or while in transit (requires internet).

  6. The result is my students see feedback very soon after they’ve completed their work, and I check for understanding with a nicely organized set of data that I can sort and export!