Providing Feedback to Many Students

Providing Feedback to Many Students

See Classkick in action in this feedback-centric classroom!



Hi, my name's Lupe. I have a large class and it's important that all my students get feedback. This not only keeps my students motivated, but it allows them to correct any misunderstandings right away. But reaching all of my students can be overwhelming. Here's how I've been using Classkick to make sure everybody gets feedback on this house blueprint assignment. 

To set students up for success, I give very clear, explicit directions in the assignment, and make sure to review it with the students as a group. I also include a rubric. I go back and I circle the things I know my students will forget. Students have access to resources like books, computers, students, and even me. 

My students' first stop for feedback is their own rubric. They must check their own work first before working with a partner. 

The second stop for feedback is each other. They partner share and use the rubric to review their work. If they need more attention, they can raise their hand in Classkick, and move to another part of the activity. The ability to ask for help and keep working increases their productivity and takes a lot of pressure off of me. 

From my iPad, I can see all raised hands by student and question in the help inbox. This allows me to calmly help students based on a list, instead of trying to keep up with physically raised hands. If I see many hands up for one question, I know this content needs to clarified for the whole class. 

Even if I can't help everybody during class, I can always go back to the help inbox, and provide feedback afterwards. 

Giving Quick Feedback in Classkick also helps me give detailed comments to many students. First, I create custom feedback with stickers, 
text, and point value. Now, I can give detailed feedback to any student in seconds. 

Thanks! I hope this helps you give high quality feedback to your students. Bye!