Classkick Professional Development

Classkick Professional Development

Want to share the joy of Classkick? In this PD your colleagues experience Classkick as a student while you, the presenter, are the teacher.


PD Assignment

To share Classkick with colleagues, simply copy this assignment into your account. Assign a roster and have teachers log in (if you use Classkick Pro, make sure teachers use GUEST LOGIN) to experience this assignment as a student! After completing the assignment, highlight key benefits and ways Classkick can help increase student learning, engagement and feedback!

Afterwards, give participants time to set up their own Classkick teacher accounts. Have them practice creating an assignment, try out the tools and then log in a few “guest students” to experience Classkick from the teacher perspective. This document will allow teachers to do these things at their own pace (Note: this same document is also located on the last slide of the above assignment for participants).


If you do use our resources, we’d love to hear your feedback and feedback from your participants!