Prep an Assignment on iPad

Prep an Assignment on iPad

Learn how to prepare an assignment using Classkick!



With Classkick, you prepare assignments to see student work and give feedback in real time. In this video, we will practice prepping a new assignment. 

Add a new blank assignment, import a PDF, or grab a pre-made assignment. 

Here's the blank assignment. Let's edit the first page. Write or draw on the question using colored pens. To erase writing, use the eraser. Add an image or screen shot from your camera roll. Crop multiple areas of the image. Move and resize images with two fingers. To delete an image, drag it to the trashcan with two fingers. 

Add text and change the size and color of the font. You can also add audio recordings, web links, and YouTube videos. To delete objects, drag them to the trashcan on the right. 

Going back to the class view, add new blank questions. Delete a question, duplicate a question, or re-order them. To see and manage all of your assignments, go back to the dashboard. From here, rename, share, get links, or delete your assignments. Search for assignments by name. 

Awesome! You're ready to assign this work to students.