Ms. Porter Teaches French Class from Home

Ms. Porter Teaches French Class from Home

See Classkick in action in this remote foreign-language classroom!



Je m'appelle Madame. M - a - d - a - m - e. Okay, les enfants, S'il vous plaît... Volu vou en dans Classkick - Go back into Classkick, s'il vous plaît. 

Eh would ya'll de s'il vous plaît... numeru trois - Oui? 

I'm going to show you one quick thing here. Up here, there's a little hand. You click there, then you click on the green hand. There's also up here... the pencil, so you can write on it. There is also this little text box... that you can move around. So you can use the text box to type in your answers, compris? 

This is an exercise in listening, compris? I'm going to ask you... En conte tu aniversaire? Compris?