Ms. Hink Integrates Classkick Work in Seesaw

Ms. Hink Integrates Classkick Work in Seesaw

See Classkick in action in this Seesaw Integration!



Hi there! This is Cathy. This screencast is going to show you two different ways that I incorporate Seesaw and Classkick. 

The first way is by announcing to parents the class code. I've already created just a screen capture of this announcement... with the class codes. It's just a .PNG. Now I want the parents to know and the students to know... that they can go into Classkick and those are the codes.

Like all other things we post into Seesaw... I'm going to upload a file. I'm just going to drag this JPEG actually. I would add that. I would tap "Everyone" so they can work on these at home. Now, this will be in all of my students' feed in Seesaw.

That is one way that I let the parents know what the Classkick assignments are. The other way is to show their actual student's work. Say it was an assessment and I just wanted them to see the work that was done in Classkick... I go into Classkick.

To see and post this into Seesaw... I do "View Students' Work." So I merely go up here to the three dots... I say "Export to PDF." And choose the student that I want... there she is. And it creates a PDF. There it is. So, I'll put that here. And now I'll go into Seesaw.  And I will add. Again, upload a file. Export of my Classkick work. There it is as a PDF.  I check. Let's say this was Annabelle's account. And... voila! There it is. They can see anything that they annotate and so parents find this really nice.