#ClasskickChat Recap: Managing iPads in the Classroom

#ClasskickChat May 3, 2016

iPads are a great tool to encourage continual sharing and collaboration in the classroom. But there are so many details that are crucial to help an iPad classroom run as smoothly as possible to let teachers focus on the learning, not the technology. For example, the iPad was designed for personal use, not by multiple students in a school setting. There‚Äôs no mechanism to distinguish one student from the next, and the amount of passwords students have to remember to login to apps must be managed in some way. 

Some schools and teachers assume that an iPad is just a different form of computer, but they cannot be handled in the same way. An iPad has no USB drive, no login, and no wired connection to a network. Teachers really have to consider how information and classwork will be distributed, shared, and collected. Schools and teachers must consider if students will be able to use their own email accounts with iPads, and whether or not anything will be printed from the iPad. 

We chatted on Tuesday, May 3rd about managing iPads in the classroom to promote student learning and avoid frustration. Check out the complete transcript below!


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