Local Partnerships


Local Partnerships

We're passionate about supporting teachers and schools to reach the needs of all learners. We are focused on building equitable technology that is effectively used by all types of students and teachers.


It is important to partner with local Chicago schools to ensure that all populations of students and schools are represented in our product. Our Local Partnership Initiative provides a resource for you and your teachers to fill any gaps you may have (e.g. technology support, teacher coaching resources, social capital, etc). Our team sits side-by-side with you to learn from the incredible ways teachers impact students daily. We work with your teachers and staff to co-create a vision for what our partnership can and should look like.

The benefit to you: Our team (as people, as resources, as former teachers, as community members, etc.) can help fulfill any sort of gap or enrichment that helps you meet your school's vision and goals. 

The benefit to us: We get to ask questions, learn from students and teachers and stay connected to our local community. 

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1. What are the biggest benefits schools have received from a partnership?

  • Instructional and tech coaching support.

  • STEM talks to students and teachers.

  • Extra planning partner / assistant in the classroom.

  • Use of Classkick Pro for free for any partner classrooms upon request.


2. Do partner schools need to use Classkick?

  • No! We want to be in schools that DO or DO NOT use Classkick. If we are only in schools using our technology we are not seeing the entire picture. We want to see real teachers, at every level, and how they are functioning in a classroom. We are a company whose mission is to help teachers improve student learning.


3. How does Classkick make money?

  • We make money by selling Classkick Pro. Of the tens of thousands of schools worldwide that use free Classkick, a small percentage of them upgrade to Pro on their own. We don’t have a sales team. Schools just upgrade whenever they choose to do so.

  • Also, we’re happy to provide Classkick Pro for free to any local partner school that requests it.


4. Why do we go on school visits to Non-Classkick schools?

  • Develop relationships with our community - every person on our team should know what it is like to be a student and teacher in the Chicagoland area.

  • We are a company whose mission is to help teachers improve student learning. If we are only in schools using technology we are not seeing the entire picture.

  • See teachers, at every level, and how they are functioning in a classroom with and without technology.

    • May lead to us creating product proposals/features.

    • Build empathy and understanding for student/teacher life.

  • Observe or co-teach with a teacher achieving their objective from start to finish.

  • Seek out and observe really great teaching.

  • Hear directly from educators about wants, needs, and problems in their day to day.

  • To stay in touch and observe the latest, most effective curricula and teaching practices.


5. Why do we go on school visits to Classkick schools?

  • Live in the shoes of our users - teachers and students.

  • See our product in action.

  • Hear directly from users about wants, needs, fixes and issues.

  • Common misconceptions or errors.

  • Support users in utilizing features.

  • Seek out really great teaching.

  • Leads to us creating product proposals and thus new features.

  • Leads to us fixing bugs/issues that are most problematic.


6. How will this impact my time as a teacher?

  • By working with us, we will help you achieve your goals and take work off your plate. 

  • On average, the time commitment is an upfront 5-10 minute conversation to better understand your classroom goals and vision. After this, our work together will free up new time for you, rather than take time away.