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How can we help you achieve your classroom vision and goals?





What is the teacher coaching program?

  • Free coaching to local Chicago-area teachers

  • Classkick's Teacher Effectiveness Team has experienced teachers and coaches who want to help teachers improve their practice or achieve a particular goal or vision.

Why have a teacher coaching program?

  • We believe coaches and mentors play a large role in helping teachers become more effective 

  • In order to make a better app, it is imperative we dedicate time to interacting and working alongside teachers. 

Tell me what this coaching would look like?

At the foundation of all coaching relationships is trust. Before doing anything else, our coach wants to meet you and hear about you, your students and your classrooms goals. After that, the teacher and coach will determine a timeline for working together. This most frequently looks something like this:

  • Step 1: Teacher and Classkick coach meet (basic introductions)

  • Step 2: Teacher and Classkick Coach set some coworking goals. This might entail a goal the teacher wants to achieve in the classroom as well as any norms for working together.

  • Step 3: Lesson Plan Cycle Begins

    • Discuss the Problem - where does the teacher want to improve and why?

    • Brainstorm - What are some solutions to achieving this goal?

    • Create and Assign - Work together to create a lesson plan or assignment for students that achieve the above goals.

    • Class Time - Teacher executes the lesson plan. During this time, the classkick coach can co-teach, observe, act as a support teacher or a mixture of any of the above.

    • Reflect - Together the teacher and coach will reflect on the lesson and decide next steps. This can be done via email, over the phone or in person.

Any guidelines or expectations?

  • Like all coaching relationships, this is a completely opt-in style program! We don’t want to force anyone to work with us, but we would love the opportunity to support you.

  • Operate with openness, honesty and a willingness to learn

  • Coaching cycles can be as short as 3 weeks or as long as 6 months!

  • Coaches and teachers should expect to be in communication at least once a week during a coaching cycle.

What are teachers saying?

“The biggest value I gained from the Classkick partnership this year was the challenge of increasing rigor in my lessons. Before Colin came in, my lessons rarely reached the highest level of Blooms and Blooms wasn't even something I would reference when planning lessons. I was missing tons of opportunities to push students further, offer meaningful extension activities and help struggling students through questioning. I was given lots of resources, support and encouragement. In the end, the whole way I lesson plan has changed. There is now an increased level and consciousness of rigor in my lessons.”  - Meredith in Berwyn, IL  

“Students learned to share their work and feedback with one another (most important!) and to be proud of their work, but they also learned to say something other than ""Good Job!"". Their comments to one another became more helpful, their willingness to share more varied, and their overall engagement increased. “ - Emily in Chicago, IL