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Integrating Tech in the Classroom for Different Teaching Styles


I am soooo in love with the app Classkick. I am currently a K-5 Technology coach and Classkick is the app that makes me wish I was a classroom teacher again... So it is no surprise that my endless gushing about this app is starting to rub off on my colleagues. Classkick allows students to access information at their own pace. It is an amazing tool for gathering evidence of learning. Students can use the slides like a whiteboard, add links, record themselves and write their responses. It allows you to monitor student progress while they are working. Students can electronically raise their hand for help and check their work. You can always access their work remotely. See below some of the ways teachers at our school are using Classkick.

Molly (2nd Grade Teacher) uses Classkick to allow students to record their voices making inferences about their readings. Since it would be impossible for Molly to work with every student during the day, she has her students record their voices so she can listen to their responses later. She can differentiate her slidedeck for students, too.

Sarah (3rd Grade Teacher) uses Classkick in several subjects. One of the way she uses it is by having students complete assignments in Classkick and then encourages them to add this work to their student portfolios. She is able to combine the use of Classkick with other apps.

Krystina (Occupational Therapist) uses Classkick to support special education students succeed in an academic setting. “With Classkick, I’m able to give my students the opportunity to show what they know by typing, using an index finger to write (in a special color), or dictating responses to answer questions. This allows them to show teachers what they know without worrying about motor impairments that may be impacting writing legibility. I can also work on the same assignments with a group of students and differentiate the assignment so it can be completed at their given level. Classkick is motivating to my most challenging students and gives kids the opportunity to be proud of their work.



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Katie Vetro is a K-5 Technology Coach at Buxton Center Elementary School in Buxton, Maine. She has taught in a classroom or worked with kids in mentoring/extracurricular programs for over 10 years. You can usually find her in a classroom modeling instructional practice through technology (with a coffee in her hand!) or on Twitter at @katevetro.