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How I Use Classkick in My Classroom


Using Classkick for the past two years has provided me a strong and effective lesson planning and delivery tool that has strengthened my lessons beyond words. Using Classkick I can provide not only individualized lessons for my diverse learners, but I can provide real time feedback and assistance privately when and how my students need it. The biggest advantage Classkick has provided me as a reading specialist is the ability to assess and record my students reading assessments throughout the year. Students record their assessments right on Classkick thus providing me with an audio and visual recorded portfolio for each student. It has helped me plan individualized instruction and report progress in a 21st century way.



About Jenny


Jenny Marmion is a K-5 teacher and reading specialist from Illinois. After obtaining her master’s in reading she continued to look for the answer to helping reluctant readers. This answer can in the form of educational technology. Using educational technology in her program has allowed her to effectively engage and empower her students. Students practice and express their strengths in creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication through use of digital tools. Jenny also presents workshops and has been featured at various conferences. Recently she began working with other districts providing edtech PD to K-5 teachers.