Unleash personalized, real-time feedback at the moment students need it.


Classkick is a free app that shows teachers in real-time exactly what students are doing
and who needs help so they can provide instant feedback. 


1. Teachers Prep an Assignment

Using any content, teachers add drawings, text, images, audio, links, and videos to provide instruction or create assessments.

2. Students Work on Their Devices

In 1:1 or small group settings, students input drawings, text, images, or audio in response to teacher-created material.

3. Everyone Gives Feedback

Teachers provide individualized, real-time feedback or allow students to give each other anonymous feedback.

4. Teachers See it All

In a mosaic of working students, teachers can see who needs help and how students are progressing through the assignment.



Teachers See It All & Give Feedback

Teachers see every student's work real-time and facilitate feedback.

Teachers monitor student work and check for understanding
Monitor student progress: students raise a yellow hand for help and a green hand upon completion


Teachers Prep an Assignment

Create paperless assignments with PDFs, images, video, audio, text, writing and websites. 

Or download free, pre-made assignments



Students Work on Their Devices

Students write, draw, type, upload photos, and record audio to respond to your lesson. 

See how other students are working in Classkick



Everyone Gives Feedback

Students get instant, private feedback from teachers and peers. 

See how other teachers and students are providing feedback

Students can help their peers anonymously: 'a disoriented duck needs help on question one.'


Keep track of how students are doing on an in-class activity in real-time and offer instant help. Have students who have finished their own work turn to classmates with digitally raised hands and offer help. 



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