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Encouraging Independence and Collaboration in the Classroom with Peer Helpers


One of the awesome features of Classkick is the ability for students to engage in peer feedback. When I first started using this feature I gave a brief introduction, showed them how to “raise their hand” and how to help another student, and then had them begin working. As they began helping each other, I realized to help the students be more successful there needed to be some structure in giving feedback to their peers. This realization then led to the decision to have a discussion with the class about how using Classkick should look in the classroom. 

I came up with a few base questions to discuss together. This collaboration allowed the students to make decisions and give suggestions about what would be best in our classroom. It gave them ownership of how to use the app and how to be successful when working on problems either individually or collaboratively by helping others.   

There were six questions that I used as a starting point:

  1. What do we have to remember when working on the problems?

  2. When should we answer another student’s question?  

  3. How should we help another student?

  4. What are some things we can write when helping?

  5. Is it important to know who we are helping?

  6. Is it important to know who is helping you?

After each point as students gave ideas I took notes that I transferred to a slide. Each time we work on Classkick this slide is up on the board as a reminder to what the expectations are when working on Classkick. This has been a great tool and resource for the students to use! 



About Hannah


I am a 6th Grade Dual Language/Resource teacher in Schaumburg, IL. I graduated from Lewis University with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and have my ESL endorsement. I love collaborating with other teachers, looking at different resources and technology to help support students and their learning!