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Get One Month Free of Classkick Pro for Giving PD

Thanks for giving Professional Development about Classkick! Referrals are the most common way for new teachers to start using Classkick, so we are happy that you are sharing the love.

As a thank-you from us, we would like to offer one month free of Pro to you and all those that attend your PD session!


Accessing your free month is simple! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out the form below

  2. Prepare for your PD session using the presentations available at

  3. Invite other teachers to learn more about Classkick!

  4. Give your PD session

  5. During the session, have teachers sign up for new Classkick Teacher accounts. In the “How did you hear about Classkick?” field, enter the referral code “CKPD+YourLastName to access a free month of Pro for everyone!

  6. We will see your referral codes and send you confirmation of your Pro trial

  7. Enjoy! Repeat as many times as you would like!

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Why are you giving away a free Membership?

Two reasons. First, our mission is to help students learn and so we want to get the benefits of Classkick Pro into as many hands as possible. By giving professional development, you are helping us do that. Second, we want to make sure Pro is the best education tool you can find. We can’t do that unless we let you try it out and listen to your feedback.


How does the Pro Membership work?

Once you submit the form above, you will get an email after your PD has been completed confirming that Pro Membership has been added to the Classkick account associated with the email you provided above. Then you can start supercharging student feedback right away!