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Taking our Classroom Paperless


Classkick came to my attention when my co-teacher heard of it through podcasts and blogs. As she dug deeper, she realized that this was a hidden gem for teachers! Together we have implemented it into our co-teach and aren’t turning back!

 We chose to use Classkick with the hope of transitioning into a paperless classroom. We were spending so much money and time on paper and copying, when our time could be better spent planning and collaborating together! 

We started off small by using Classkick for guided reading and intervention groups. We planned all of our lessons on the app, including the independent piece where students would take the iPad with them to complete an assignment aligned to their small group lesson (making sense of phonics, comprehension and writing, analogy charts, sound boxes, Elkonin boxes, etc.). The students learned the tools almost immediately and shocked us how they problem solved! We quickly realized this was going to be a game changer if we had a class set of iPads.  

Fast forward to today! We have been fortunate enough to receive a class set of iPads through the support of our principal. To say our class has changed because of this is an understatement! Students are more focused and engaged in their lessons than they have been all year! They are owning their learning by peer helping and using AirPlay to display their work on the board for the class to see. Students who were hard to engage are now sharing their thinking and listening to feedback from their peers!

 My co-teacher, Paige, and I are finding planning more exciting everyday as we discover new ways to teach through Classkick. We are able to make our lessons in less time and from anywhere, without needing paper resources from textbooks or the district! Classkick has us so excited for what next year will hold! We cannot wait to get started with a new group of kids who will get to spend their year PAPERLESS!


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About Francesca

Francesca is in her 10th year teaching at a high-needs elementary school! Over the last 10 years she has taught 2nd and 3rd grade. She began her teaching career in 2nd grade at a renaissance school in Tampa, FL. Francesca graduated from the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida with a degree in K-6 Elementary Education and ESOL. She then completed her second Bachelors degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of South Florida. Teaching is a profession that is advancing quicker than teachers are able to keep up with. Francesca loves taking on new projects that require her to dive back into learning relevant and engaging ideas to bring back to the classroom. Back when Francesca started teaching, overhead projectors were the “new thing”! With the technology that is available today, teachers are able to give their kids the perfect amount of tools necessary to increase engagement and learning! Francesca has been fortunate enough to work in a co-teach where they have received 1:1 iPads! They have implemented many apps, but a few of their favorites are Classkick, Epic!, Kids A-Z, Boom Cards, and Apple Classroom! Francesca is currently a Classkick Coach and so excited to share all of the great things happening in her classroom!

Francesca is married to her husband Mark! They have one baby boy named Brady who will be 1 this summer! Outside of work, Francesca enjoys traveling to see family up north, going to the beach, being season ticket holders for the Bucs, going to Disney, and spending time with friends and family as much as possible!