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Following Students' Steps to Understanding


In Chemistry, it was always important for me to see my students' work.  I had used other apps with the iPad for formative assessment purposes–but they were strictly multiple choice, and never allowed me to see each of my students work. Whether it's in the lab and we're collecting data, or simply analyzing data to look for patterns, we deal with a lot of math, and I needed my students to show me what they were doing. 

I got introduced to Classkick and I was very excited. When it comes to formative assessments, Classkick was the answer I needed. It was giving me information that simple multiple choice questions could not answer. I needed to see my students' work. What steps were they missing or what step was it that led them to get the answer wrong? Did they guess? 

Now with Classkick, I can see the work, I can project my student's ipad screens using Apple TV and allow them to explain their work to the rest of the class without them ever having to get up.  In Science, collaboration is key and with Classkick my students can check each other's work.  I post assignment links into Google Classroom and my students can access them for review whenever they want.



About Doug


Doug has been a high school chemistry teacher for 19 years.  He currently lives in West Michigan and teaches at Hudsonville High School.  Doug has a BS in Chemistry from Longwood University and an MS in Chemical Education from Purdue University. Doug uses iPads in his classroom.