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Classkick Coaches

An elite group of teachers who have used Classkick to improve their teaching practice and ultimately increase student learning outcomes.


Coaches receive...

  • Free Classkick Pro Classroom

  • Highly discounted School Classkick Rate

  • Feature Requests taken at a higher level of influence

  • First access to Classkick releases and updates

  • Featured on our site

  • Swag Bag (T-shirt, Stickers, and other goodies)

  • 2 Individual Classroom Pro Prizes to raffle off at conferences or PDs larger than 50 people.



Yearly Expectations

Coaches should...

  1. Present on classkick at least 3 times

  2. Use social media to share how you are using Classkick and re-share our posts (at least once a month)

  3. Allow the Classkick team to connect you with new users who are looking to chat with current users

  4. Participate in new feature demos and feedback cycles with the Classkick team



Apply to be a coach here


If you are located in the Chicagoland Area and looking for a smaller role with less time commitment,
consider becoming a Partner Classroom!