Classkick Launches for Teachers on the Web

Education App Now Available on Chromebooks, Laptops and Desktops


Chicago, IL August 8th 2016 - Classkick, a leading education technology provider, has launched a free web-based teacher app to beta. Now, any teacher or student with an iPad, Chromebook, desktop or laptop computer can use Classkick’s instant feedback platform.

Over the last two years, teachers and students have been giving and receiving feedback using Classkick on iPads. But despite increasing growth and adoption of their iPad product, the company has received triple the user demand, relative to iPad, for a Chromebook product. In order to support the expansion of low-cost devices like Chromebooks and netbooks in schools, Classkick is now applying their iPad learnings to a new web platform for teachers. Classkick now fully supports teachers and students with Chromebooks, mixed technology or bring-your-own-device (BYOD) classrooms.


About the Beta Web Launch

Teachers and students can now use Classkick for free at from any Chromebook, desktop or laptop web browser - or download the free iPad app.

About Classkick

Used in over 80 countries, and downloaded over 1 million times, Classkick raised $1.7M to revolutionize how students and teachers give feedback. Built by alums from Teach for America and engineers from leading tech companies like Google, Classkick allows students to work on activities at their own pace while teachers monitor the entire class in real-time. With Classkick, students receive timely, high quality feedback from their teachers and peers - whether they are in class or at home.

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