Education app triples student feedback and cuts grading time

Instant Student Feedback Platform, Classkick, Launches in App Store with Beta Users in 15 Countries

Triples Feedback to Students and Halves Grading Time for Teachers


Chicago, IL - August 28th, 2014 - Classkick, a free app that allows teachers and peers to give instant student feedback, launched in the App Store this morning.  The company has grown purely by word-of-mouth and now includes beta users across 15 countries.


Classkick was founded by Andrew Rowland, a former Chicago high school teacher turned Googler and YouTuber, to solve a fundamental classroom problem: students do not get enough help, or feedback. Everyday in every classroom, teachers simply cannot reach every student or understand their needs, especially those too shy to ask for help.  As a result, studies show that 62% of students receive inadequate feedback. Given that feedback is the most effective learning intervention, contributing eight additional months to a student’s annual learning, Rowland was frustrated that technology did not exist to help close this gap.


From this void, Classkick was born and incubated at ImagineK12 - known as the “Y-Combinator of education technology”. The app addresses teachers’ time and knowledge dilemma head on by allowing them to view all their students’ work at once, in real-time. More importantly, students using Classkick receive feedback instantly from both their teacher and their peers.  Not only does peer feedback reduce burden on the teacher, but it ensures that students receive all the help they need and fosters a collaborative student-centered classroom environment.


The results are in:

Students using Classkick get three times more feedback than before, and teachers cut their grading time in half. For both in-classroom and remote learning, Classkick is helping students anywhere from 2nd grade English to 12th grade Calculus. Teachers love the ability to quickly create, grade, and manage paperless assignments and are integrating Classkick into both traditional and flipped learning environments.  Greg Port, a teacher from Seton College in Australia sums up Classkick’s impact: “Students love it… I could help students who were stuck silently, it was magic.”


The Classkick team is hyper focused on one goal: increase student learning. They aim to achieve this not by making fancy technology, but by listening well to educators and students to truly understand how technology can assist in the learning process.


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