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Classkick Ambassadors Program

Share Classkick with others: join the Classkick Ambassadors Program! Fill out this form to apply.



Ambassadors receive...

1. Monthly email updates with new features, latest happenings at Classkick and spotlights on Best Practices 

2. Resources to share with teachers and promote on social media 

3. Dedicated Ambassador community group for connecting and sharing with other Ambassadors

4. Exclusive use of the Classkick Ambassador badge for your website or Twitter profile

5. A direct line of support with the Classkick Team for troubleshooting



Ambassadors should...

1. Use Classkick regularly in your classroom

2. Provide feedback to the Classkick Team

3. Participate in the broader Classkick community (tweet about Classkick at least once a month, post any relevant articles related to Classkick or teaching on our Facebook page, Answer an FAQ in our google group , etc.)


If you are looking to become even more involved with the Classkick Community,
consider becoming a Classkick Mentor