2016 in Review

Classkick 2016: A Year in Review

A Journey from A to Z

Classkick 2016: A Year in Review

A Journey from A to Z


We loved announcing our new Classkick Ambassadors program for teachers and educators who enjoy using Classkick in their classroom and want to share Classkick with other teachers at their school and on social media. Thank you to all our wonderful Ambassadors for promoting Classkick helping grow the Classkick Community!



We understand the necessity of receiving great feedback to keep growing. Our Beta Teachers and students try out all the newest features before we release them to the public to ensure that Classkick is always heading in the right direction. Thank you to all of our Beta Classrooms for your constant guidance and support!



Teachers requested the ability to become "Classkick Certified" to prove their abilities, both in Classkick and as educators. We responded by creating the Classkick Certification Program to offer an extended professional development opportunity for all interested educators. Thank you to all of our wonderful applicants and reviewers for your amazing submissions and careful review!



So many math teachers have thanked us for allowing them to model division for their students in Classkick, and then see student responses in real-time. From fourth graders trying long division for the first time to high school students blowing us away with their understanding, we created Classkick for these very moments - to help all teachers see and provide feedback to their students when it's needed most!



We were excited to launch monthly Twitter chats using the hashtag #ClasskickChat, guest moderated by many excellent Classkick educators. This year, one of our favorite chats was "Eight Minutes that Matter Most," hosted by Beth Ferguson, where we discussed great ways to open and close our classroom lessons. Thanks to all educators who have attended our #ClasskickChats; we look forward to chatting with you again on Tuesday, January 3rd, at our new time - 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern!


F is for Feedback

Through drawing, typing, adding images, audio, and links, Classkick teachers have given over 1,000,000 pieces of feedback to students this year! We're elated to see so many students being helped around the world and thank all our Classkick teachers for checking in on students when they need it. 



The Classkick Community exists in many places: in schools, districts, cities, states, and countries across the world, as well as on many different social media channels from Twitter to Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram to Google+ to LinkedIn. We really enjoy connecting with teachers and helping them to form groups within the Classkick Community! (Live near Chicago? Check out our Chicagoland Classkick Educator Group.)



"From the start, Classkick’s goal has been to help provide quality feedback to every student — regardless of their background or income." This is the first line of our A Step Towards Educational Equity article that was published by Higher Education Revolution. In it, we announced our plans to move from an iPad-only app to the Web, and give teachers and students on all devices the opportunity to provide feedback when it was most needed. Thank you to all the teachers and students who have followed us on this journey!



With the feedback from Classkick teachers and students, we added the ability for students to add images both to their own questions, and when giving feedback to peers. Now, teachers have students check-in their homework by taking a picture, or give them the freedom to write in notebooks or with dry-erase markers on their desks to record via picture in Classkick. Thank you to all the students and teachers who continue giving us great ideas to make Classkick valuable in their classrooms!



This year, we joined forces with two great causes: the Kapor Capital Founders' Commitment to diversity and inclusion at Classkick and the Student Privacy Pledge to to safeguard student data in Classkick. We continue to seek out the best and the brightest from all backgrounds to make our team stronger, and tighten the security around our student data to keep all who use Classkick safe. 



We developed three professional development bundles this year for teachers and staff members. Each bundle is aimed at Kick Starting Your PD - through establishing classroom rules, building classroom culture, and increasing rigor through Bloom's, DOK Levels, and the SAMR model. We've loved hearing the positive feedback from teachers who have led their colleagues through these PD sessions and can't wait to see more schools try Kick Starting Their PD!



We are all here for one reason: to help students learn more. All of the feedback we help teachers provide to students in the moment is aimed at increasing student learning in the classroom. 



The Classkick Community keeps growing thanks to our Classkick Mentors who span twenty-seven states and ten countries. Our Mentors do a fantastic job providing guidance, sample assignments, videos demonstrating Classkick in their classrooms, and presentations introducing new teachers to Classkick. We can't wait to see all of the fantastic things they create in 2017!



To accommodate teachers sharing assignments in Classkick with each other, we created the Notifications Tab. On this tab, teachers are notified that a colleague has shared an assignment, and they can see a preview of the assignment before copying it into their account. Continue looking for updates and enhancements to this Notifications Tab in 2017!


O is for o, O, or 0?

We received many reports of students and teachers struggling to differentiate letters and numbers in our class codes. Sometimes, students typed the letter "o" instead of the number "0," or the letter "i" instead of the letter "l." To eliminate this confusion, we now accept both variations of these similar looking letters and numbers. So, if students type "o" or "0," it will still be accepted (and "i" or "l.") Thanks to all those great teachers and students providing us with feedback to help create this feature!



The Classkick Team was able to present to several Chicago-area schools this year, and visit many more. We also created leveled presentations so others could present to their staff: All Ages, Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade - 5th Grade, 6th Grade - 8th Grade, High School - College. For each level, there is a 15-minute, 45-minute, and 90-minute presentation with Guided Notes and Frayer Model Style notes. Thank you to all our Classkick teachers using presentations to keep growing the Classkick Community!


Q is for Questions

Teachers created almost 95,000 questions for students to complete this year using drawings, text, images, audio, and links! We're always in awe of the fantastic ways that teachers and students use Classkick to answer questions and provide feedback. This year, we added the ability for students to respond to questions by adding images, recording their voice, and adding links. We can't wait to see what's in store for students in 2017! 



We released sixty different versions of Classkick this year, starting with version 1.97 when we first introduced the "Select Roster" menu in whole class view to version 2.25 where teachers can now export individual student work to PDF! Each release has been guided by the careful review and feedback provided by our Beta Teachers and Students, and will continue to be guided by Feature Requests and User Experience Research Studies



Classkick teachers shared almost 24,000 assignments this year in Classkick! We also shared assignments on social media using #12DaysofClasskick and in our Library of assignments. If there are assignments that you would like to share with the whole Classkick Community, consider becoming a Classkick Ambassador or Mentor!



We gained almost 1,000 new followers on Twitter this year (and almost 100 new likes on Facebook, followers on Instagram, and repins on Pinterest.) We continue to post educational content each day for teachers and students, and appreciate all the love and support from Classkick educators on social media! 



Giving teachers and students the chance to "undo" their last action was one of the most requested features on our Suggested Features page. This year, to the delight of many students and teachers, we were able to release both an undo and redo feature for iPad and Web. Thanks again to all the educators who vote for their favorite features and provide feedback when they are released in Classkick!



Our first step in releasing a web-based version of Classkick was our Web Viewer, where students, teachers, and parents could view any work completed from an iPad on the web. That temporary solution allowed us to continue enhancing and working with teachers in User Experience Research Studies to make sure Classkick on the Web fulfilled all expectations. Thank you to all the Beta Teachers and students, bloggers, and educators around the world that tried out our Web Viewer and provided us with feedback!



The most exciting thing that Classkick has launched this year has been our web-based version for teachers and students. Now, more students than ever before have access to the real-time feedback they need and want from their teacher and peers. We are honored to fulfill Your Biggest Request, and enable Classkick for students and teachers on all devices!



This year, we created four new ways to extend your Classkick experience: Use Classkick Plus or Classkick Pro, outfit yourself and your students in gear from the Classkick Store, become Classkick Certified, or join the Classkick Ambassadors. Each of these opportunities started as a great idea from one of the Classkick teachers. Be sure to tell us your great idea for 2017!



This year, we posted thirty-eight new videos to our YouTube Channel (and Vimeo Profile) to give teachers and students visual examples of using Classkick in a variety of ways. We look forward to partnering with even more teachers and students to keep sharing best practices in Classkick on YouTube and Vimeo in 2017!



We've got a kick for Zombies at Classkick, which is why we have a Pinterest Board dedicated to Zombie Math. We believe in giving students options that are fun for us adults, too. 



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